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Fiery Chillies Almonds

Fiery Chillies Almonds

Made of high-quality almonds- slow-roasted to crunch and coated with our fiery chilies masala blend in a proper hygienic facility. It's a magical treat as a savory, very healthy snack ususlly enjoyed with drinks. 

Zero trans fat and zero cholesterol. Store in a cool and dry place and once opened transfer the content to an airtight container to retain the freshness and crunch.


    Almonds boast an incredibly impressive nutrient profile as they are highly nutritious and extremely healthy. Almonds are high in healthy monounsaturated fats, fibre, protein and various important nutrients like Vitamin E, Manganese, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), phosphorus and a decent amount of copper.

    Almonds are high in antioxidants that can protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to ageing and disease.

    Almonds are among the world's best sources of vitamin E. Getting plenty of vitamin E from foods is linked to numerous health benefits. It protects your cell membranes from damage. Several studies have linked higher vitamin E intake with lower rates of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

    Almonds can assist with blood pressure and sugar control as they are low in carbs, but high in healthy fats, protein and fibre.

    Almonds are extremely high in magnesium. High magnesium intake may have major benefits for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

    Low magnesium levels are strongly linked to high blood pressure, indicating that almonds can be beneficial for blood pressure control.

    Eating 1-2 handfuls of almonds per day can lead to mild reductions in LDL cholesterol levels.LDL cholesterol can become oxidized, which is a crucial step in the heart disease process. Snacking on almonds has been shown to significantly reduce oxidized LDL.

    Eating almonds can increase satiety and help you eat fewer calories. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

    All things considered, almonds are as close to perfect as a food can get.


    We ensure quality and take great care in sorting, grading, processing and packaging. We maintain strict quality control. However, in case, you receive any damaged or spoilt goods please report within 48 hours of receipt on 9999539675 or 9312222014 or mail at with order details and images of damaged goods. All defective consignment are to be returned for replacement within 7 days in the original packings after our authorisation. Returns shall be subject to the discretion of Satya Xclusives.


    Unless specified otherwise under an offer or a scheme all shipping and packaging is charged extra @ Rs.70/- for upto a kilogram . We despatch all consignments from our warehouse in Sahibabad and standard duration applies to depend on destination.

₹195.00 Regular Price
₹126.75Sale Price
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